In almost every home the kitchen plays the largest role as the center of your house.
It is no surprise therefore that people devote more time to kitchens than any other room or space in the house. With any fast paced modern family, the kitchen needs not only to be practical and ergonomically set up to save time and energy, but also to be presentable, elegant, thus increasing your homes resale in turn


There are only three essential staples to a functioning bathroom: Basin, Bath, Lavatory.
This is the most awkward space to decorate imaginatively. The bathroom interior needs careful consideration; remember once plumbed, the fittings become fixtures. With an understanding of individual needs, we can make a practical space where form meets function. Your bathroom should be comfortable, and with so many variations of fixtures and cabinetry, anything is possible.


Be it an empty void, cluttered storage, or partially to completed rooms; we thrive on creating new, exciting, and unique spaces, adding room and comfort. Basements can be looked at as an blank canvas awaiting inspiration to create some thing incredible. Additional bathrooms, entertainment, functional laundry rooms, wet bars, billiards room, etc. With additional square footage, the possibilities are virtually endless.


There are so many reasons to expand, many families often opt to add to their existing home rather than move to a newer bigger home. There are many advantages to adding to your home, such as if you enjoy the neighborhood, if everything has it’s place and you are quit comfortable in you area. In any case, more space is what you need, and yes it is possible. With an undertaking such as adding structure to your house, the sky can easily be the limit. If you already have a needed space in mind or if you just want more room to ease traffic flow in your home, making or adding entire rooms can be done with simple planning and professional workmanship.

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